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We can make custom flavors using YOUR CROPS in addition to our standard popular flavors. You just provide us with your CLEANED, ready to consume product and we will handle the rest.

Maple Syrup
Lavender + other herbs

The extent to which we will prepare your product is limited to blending and extracting. For example, we will blend your fresh grown strawberries into a puree, but we will not chop stems, create syrups or de-seed them. An example of herbal flavors is we will steep your already dried lavender buds to extract the flavor, but we will not dry them ourselves. If you have any questions you can simply email us.

We can package your custom flavor in either 8oz individually sized cups (as shown in the image), quart containers or 2.5 gallon tubs. All packaging will have our branding on it.

Email us if you have questions:




We custom made this flavor for a farm that provided us with ready to use blueberry puree that they made from their own fresh grown blueberries.